How can we help you?

I did not receive a track and trace email yet. Is my order already shipped?

You will receive a track and trace notification once the parcel has been scanned by the postal company for the first time in their sorting centre. For international parcels (other destinations then the Netherlands) this can take up to 4 working days.

If you have not received a track and trace email on the thth day (weekends excluded) after you have placed your order we kindly request you to contact us by sending us an email. But before you do please check your SPAM folder to make sure the email did not went to your spam folder.

I have a problem with the delivery of my parcel or the received products

If there is a problem with the delivery of your parcel we want to solve it as soon as possible for you.

Please follow this procedure when:
– your parcel is not delivered within 10 workings days after you placed the order (weekends excluded)
– your parcel was damaged upon delivery (products are unusable) – please do not forget to take photos upon delivery or we may not be able to refund you.
– you received the wrong products

If you follow these steps below we’ll be able to resolve your issue as quickly as possible:

Step 1: Please fill out this form: Issue with Parcel to include all the details we need about your order to process your claim.
Step 2: You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours on working days when we received the form.
Step 3: We are going to open an investigation at the post for you if necessary or we are going to trace the cause of the problem.
Step 4: You’ll hear back from us as soon as we have an answer (usually within 5 working days).

PS: we understand 5 working days may feel long for a solution. Unfortunately, we are often depended on third parties for an answer and we can not speed up their process. We’ll answer you as soon as we can. Promised.

Form: Issue with Parcel

I'm looking for a product I'm unable to find on your website

We sell a limited amount of products and we focus on these. Unfortunately, we can’t accept individual requests and suggestions.

I have a question about the best before date

We offer a best before guarantee of two months* on every product unless we clearly mark a product with a shorter date. Products with a shorter date start with SHORTER BBD or JUST EXPIRED. For all products without this marking our guarantee is applicable.

When it is important for you that the dates are longer then two months:
Please send us an email and request the date for a product you’re interested in.

Products with a SHORTER BBD prefix are still of excellent quality and usually on sale. A perfect change to try products or get your favorite products at a lower price. We always post the exact best before date in the product copy for all SHORTER BBD products.

Products with a JUST EXPIRED prefix are past their advised best before date but still of good quality and are heavily discounted. Note that best before dates are usually set very conservative by manufactures and more often have a commercial motive then a necessary one. When we still offer the product the quality is still good. But please consume quickly after receipt of the products. We will not accept any claims after 7 days of receipt.

The most important thing is that you’ll have a choice. Wether you want a regular product, and cheaper shorter dated product or a heavily discounted just expired product. Just look at the product titles.

* for administrative reasons this can take up to a week to change online. We can not honour claims under this guarantee if the best before date is 7 weeks or longer from the moment of ordering.

I need my parcel fast, how fast can you deliver

If your shipping address is within Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands you parcel will arrive 2-3 workings days after ordering.

If your shipping address is within another EU country delivery times are 4-10 working days after the day of ordering.

We are unable to speed up this process, even if you ask. Therefor please allow enough time for delivery.

I want to order less then 25 euro, how can I do that?

It is not possible to order less then 25 euro. Why?

On food items margins are lower then on other products. To ship items (internationally) there are (high) costs involved. Below 25 euro these costs are higher then our margins.

When you order online, it’s best to stock up a little. That is also most economic for shipping charges. If you don’t need that much? Why not order with friends and/or family and split the shipping costs between you?

My country is not in the list of shipping countries. What do I do?

Unfortunately we can only accept orders from the countries listed on the order form.

We can accept order from and ship to most countries within the European Union but not all.

  • Countries outside the European Union: like Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Russia: due to customs related issues we are unable to sent outside the EU.
  • Missing countries within the EU: Like Bulgaria or Malta: we are unable to logistically ship here at a reasonable prices. Therefor we had to exclude these locations.

I have a sponsor request (YouTube channel, blog, (sport) club, event, charity)

Thank you for showing interest in our company. We’ll look at every sponsor request. Please fill out this: form Sponsor request.

However due to the large volume of requests we can not respond to each request that comes in. If we don’t respond we either have no option to sponsor at this moment or the sponsoring request is not what we’re looking for. We do not appreciate follow up email about your request. We will come back to you if we are able to work with you. Thank you.

I have another question

Email: Please E-mail us and we’ll answer your question within one working day.

Facebook Messenger: ShopAmericaEU and we’ll answer your questions within one day.

Postal address:

Shop America – House of Fine Foods
De Kooihoek 16c
3751LZ Bunschoten-Spakenburg

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