I have a question about the best before date

We offer a best before guarantee of one month on every product unless we clearly mark a product with a shorter date. Products with a shorter date will start with SHORTER BBD or JUST EXPIRED in their title. For all products without this marking our guarantee is applicable.

If it’s important for you that the products have a best before date longer than one month, please email us before you order. And tell us for which products you would like the know the current best before date. We’ll inform you as quickly as we can with the most recent date in our warehouse.

It’s good to know that products with a SHORTER BBD prefix are still of excellent quality and usually on sale. A perfect chance to try products or get your favorite products at a lower price. We always post the exact “best before date” in the product copy for all SHORTER BBD products.

Products with a JUST EXPIRED prefix are past their advised best before date but still of good quality and are heavily discounted. Note that best before dates are usually set very conservative by manufacturers and more often have a commercial motive than a necessary one. When we still offer the product, the quality is still good. But please consume quickly after receiving the products. We will not accept any claims on taste or condition after 3 days of delivery for Just Expired products.

The most important thing is that you’ll have a choice. Whether you want a regular product, a cheaper shorter-dated product, or a heavily discounted just expired product. Just look at the product titles to notice them and then you can make an informed choice.

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