Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy Shop America:

At Shop America, we take your online security very seriously, and we're committed to protect your privacy and personal information. We only register information that enables us to provide superior service and optimize our website. Shop America handles customer details with great care and does not share the personal information of its users with third parties, unless necessary to fulfill orders.

We register the following information: 

In order to fulfill orders and complete assignments, we register the following customer information: name (and possibly company name and business information), address, e-mail address, telephone number, whether the customer is a business or an individual, and the order or assignment itself. Visits to the website are registered for statistical reasons, but these are not personally identifiable. You can read more about this in our cookie policy.

Facebook login:

We offer you the option of logging into your Facebook account in order to save time at checkout. We will never post onto your Facebook wall without permission.

Our Cookies Policy:

What are cookies? Cookies are snippets of information that are stored on your computer as you navigate the WorldWideWeb. Not all cookies are bad. Some cookies are necessary - like the ones that remember your order during the payment process. 

Shop America attempts to minimize the use of cookies. We avoid unnecessary cookies wherever and whenever possible.

Shop America does use cookies to collect and store anonymous usage information (including frequency and number of visitors to our Site). We use Google Analytics to do this. It is not possible for Shop America to extract personal information from this general statistical data. These cookies provide us with information on how the website is used and how we can improve the user experience for our customers. We do use cookies to personalize advertisements you see on the web. 

Many modern browsers offer the option to disable cookies. We find it important, however, that cookies are enabled during your shopping session. This - saving cookies during a session - can also be configured in many modern browsers.

There are links, and videos, on the Shop America website that link to third-party websites. It is possible that these websites also use cookies which are not visible and/or accessable to Shop America. Please visit the sites themselves for more information on their cookie policy.

This is what we do with your information:

Customer information is only used to communicate about, and fulfill orders and assignments.

Customers can subscribe to our digital newsletter, which provides information about developments within Shop America. Shop America may also contact customers directly when information in the newsletter pertains to the customer's previous purchases.

Shop America does not share the personal information of its users with third parties, unless necessary to fulfill orders and assignments. Names and addresses of customers must be provided, for instance, to the shipping company in order to deliver their orders.

We will never share your infornation with third parties for promotional purposes. We will always provide the customer with information concerning the personal detail registered with us.

Customers can unsubscribe from our newsletter. A link facilitating this will be provided in every online commercial communication.

Information concerning the browsing behavior of our customers is of a non-personal nature, being purely general and statistical.

We do everything possible to protect the personal details of our customers.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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