Our low shipping rates across Europe:

FROM € 5.99

  • The Netherlands

FROM € 7.99

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany

FROM € 12.99

  • Danmark*
    **the Faroe islands and Greenland excluded
  • Finland**
    **Åland excluded
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Sweden*
For Denmark only we have a seperate store: www.shopamerica.dk.

For Sweden only we have a seperate store: www.shopamerica.se.

Both are in local currency.

  • From our warehouse in the Netherlands we ship across Europe at truly low shipping rates. All products are in stock in our warehouse, they’re already within the EU. There are no extra, or unexpected costs for you!
  • We ship to 12 countries in the EU. Unfortunately, we can’t ship to all EU countries due to local restrictions and/or logistics problems. If you’re country is not listed above, we can NOT sent to you. We’re sorry!
  • If you’ve ever been frustrated by our competitors who promise low shipping, but then still charge a lot at checkout, you’re not alone! We don’t do that, our pricing is simple. Each parcel can weigh up to 20 kilos. You can order a lot of your favourite snacks for that!
  • To make our low shipping rates possible we have a minimum order amount of €35.
  • We ship with PostNL, DHL, DPD, and UPS. We choose the optimal shipping partner depending on weight and country.
  • All shipments have a Track and Trace code, you will receive a link on the evening we ship your parcel (internationally the first Tuesday after the day you’ve ordered. If you ordered on a Tuesday this will be the next Tuesday. For parcel within the Netherlands itself we ship on both Tuesday and Fridays). If you did not a tracking link by then, then please contact us immediately!
  • If your order is heavier than 20 kilos you’ll be charged for multiple parcels, depending on the weight.
  • Using a service point (local pickup location) is only available if your total order weight is less than 20 kilos.
  • Weather across Europe varies greatly. All parcels are shipped at your own risk, if it’s hot be careful that some products may melt.
  • Home or work delivery means 1 delivery attempt. If unsuccessful, it goes to a service point, you must collect it there within 1 week**.
  • We are unable to ship to some EU countries (all that are not listed above) even if they’re a EU member. We’re also NOT able to ship outside the European Union. Please note, not all of Europe is a member of the EU. If you’re country is not a member we can’t ship to you. Examples are: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
  • In case you do place an order to one of the above countries, we will cancel the order, and refund the money paid minus the costs we’re charged by our payment providers.


Due to health & safety regulations, and the perishability of food items, no returns are possible on food items. Food products have no right of withdrawal. Gift cards are also exempt from withdrawal rights and cannot be returned.

You can return non-food items within 30 days if unopened and unused. We pay all shipping charges for sending the items to you if you sent back the complete order and it consists of non-food products only. You’ll have to pay for the return shipment to the Netherlands. If you keep one or more products (mandatory with food items) we’ll not reimburse the shipping costs you have paid on your original order.

Is your parcel undeliverable, or not collected at a service point within one week, it will be send back to us and that will incur return shipping costs on top of the costs sending the parcel to you. All shipping costs both for the outbound and return will be charged to you for the full amount charged to us by the postal companies, and the amount will be deducted from your refund. This is much more than the shipping rates advertised on this page. That is because we subsidise shipping if you buy our products. When they are returned, you don’t buy our products. Expects costs between €15 and €45 for a return because of this (the further you live from The Netherlands, the more expensive it becomes). Also, short best before/expired products that are labeled as such, can not be refunded either.

Tips for a smooth delivery:

  • Check your address for errors in the confirmation email.
  • Make sure you address is on a public road and accessible by the postal company by car.
  • The address has a doorbell with a clearly marked (house) number.
  • Add a valid mobile phone number and a valid email address to your order. So tracking updates can be sent.
  • If any of the above can cause an issue (for example your street has no road accessible to cars), opt for collect, and pick up your parcel at a location near you.

We sent a confirmation email immediately after your payment. The postal service sends a tracking link no later then evening of the shipping day. That is the first Tuesday after the day you’ve ordered for all international packages (outside the Netherlands. Domestic parcels within the Netherlands we ship on Tuesdays and Fridays.

If you did not get the tracking information, it is your responsibility to contact us in time. We advice to do this within 4 working days. If your parcel has not arrived after seven working days most definitely contact us immediately. A return because of a missing tracking email or SMS will still incur all return costs if you did not contacted us in time. (not any later then 7 working days after ordering). If you contact us after two weeks for example, your parcel has most likely already been returned to us and there is not much we can do for you then.


Most parcels arrive without damages but if they do we’re really sorry about that. It’s good to know this before you make a claim: claims have to be made within 3 days after you received your parcel. You also need to have photos available. Also, note that a dent in the packaging of a product is not considered damage. Only when the product can not be consumed anymore like you’re supposed to, it’s damage. Cookies, chocolate bars, and crips (chips) are so vulnerable we can not guarantee they’ll not break or crumble during transport. It’s not possible to claim these items. You order them primarily for their taste.


Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!