Our low shipping rates across Europe:

Our minimum order amount is €25. The following charts indicate our shipping costs and delivery times across Europe:

A Note About Chocolate and Confectionery:

Purchasing chocolate or confectionery during hot days are done so at your own risk.

We ship to most EU member countries (except Malta and Cyprus)

We can ship to most EU countries but not to some island states like Cyprus and Malta because of logistical reasons or to the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Cran Canaria due to a different tax regime there.


For Latvia, Lituania, and Estonia we can not accept American issued (pre-paid) credit cards. Only EU (local) Visa or Mastercards will be accepted. Please do not order with a different country as the shipping address if your country is not available in the list. If your country is not in the list we are not able to ship to you. All cost associated with invalid orders will be charged.

For Denmark we have a seperate store: www.shopamerica.dk.

For Sweden we have a seperate store: www.shopamerica.se.

Both are in local currency.

A Note about delivery times:

Delivery times vary across Europe. To most countries delivery time is 3-5 working days. To Southern Europe it can take up to 2 weeks. If you live remote also expect longer delivery times. For Christmas we advice to order before December 10th. We ship every day after that date, but depending where you live your parcel might not arrive in time.

Delivery costs across Europe:

Most parcels are 20 kilos or less. (fee in first column). To give you an indication this is up to 48 cans of soda. Prices in ( ) are the cost to a service point (pick up location).

 Country: Shipping 0-20kg: Shipping 20-40kg: Shipping 40-60kg: Shipping 60-80kg: Shipping 80-100kg: Estimated delivery time:
 Austria €9,99 (€6,99) €19,98 €29,97 €39,96 €49,95 4-8 working days.
 Belgium €6,99 (€5,99) €13,98 €20,97 €27,96 €34,95 2-4 working days.
 Croatia* €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Czech Republic €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Denmark* €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Estonia* €14,99 (€13,99) €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Finland €15,99[10KG]- 17,99[20KG] (€15,99) €35,98 €53,97 €71,96 €89,95 4-8 working days.
 France* €12,99 (€9,99) €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Germany* €6,99 (€5,99) €13,98 €20,97 €27,96 €34,95 2-4 working days.
 Greece* €19,99 €39,98 €59,97 €79,96 €99,95 4-8 working days.
 Hungary €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Ireland €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Italia €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Latvia €17,99 (€16,99) €35,98 €53,97 €71,96 €89,95 4-8 working days.
 Liechtenstein €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Lithuania €17,99 (€16,99) €35,98 €53,97 €71,96 €89,95 4-8 working days.
 Luxemburg €9,99 (€6,99) €19,98 €29,97 €39,96 €49,95 4-8 working days.
 Monaco €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Netherlands €5,99 (€4,99) €11,98 €27,97 €23,96 €29,95 2-4 working days.
 Poland €12,99 (€11,99) €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Portugal* €14,99 (€13,99) €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Slovenia €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Slowakia €12,99 €25,98 €38,97 €51,96 €64,95 4-8 working days.
 Spain* €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 Sweden* €14,99 €29,98 €44,97 €59,96 €74,95 4-8 working days.
 United Kingdom €11,99 (€9,99) €23,98 €35,97 €47,96 €59,95 4-8 working days.

 Remote area surcharge (*):

Some areas in Europe are remote and difficult or more expensive to reach. For some countries carriers charge a surcharge because of that. This is mostly to areas like islands and small remote mountain villages. Our system automatically calculate those extra fees.

 Croatia: +€10
 Denmark: +€10
 Estonia: +€10
 France: +€5
 Germany: +€3
 Portugal: +€50 (Azores and Madeira)
 Spain: +€35 (Baleares)
 Sweden: +€10
  • All shipments have a Track and Trace code.
  • The carrier above is an indication. We keep the right to change carriers for practical reasons.
  • Using a service point (local pickup location) is either the same price or €1 cheaper depending on the country. Only available for parcels up to 20 kilos.


Most parcels arrive without damages but if they do, it’s good to know this: claims have to be made within 3 days after you received your parcel. You also need to have photos available. Also not that a dent in the packaging is not considered damage. Only when the product can not be consumed anymore like you’re suppose to, it’s damage. Cookies, chocolate bars, and crips (chips) are so vulnerable we can not guarantee they’ll not break during transport. It’s not possible to claim these items. You order them primarily for their taste.


Dissatisfied with your order? We hope not, but if you are we allow the return of non-food items. You can return non-food items within 30 days if unopened and unused. We pay all shipping charges for sending the item to you if you sent back the complete order. You’ll have to pay for the return shipment to the Netherlands. If you keep one or more products (mandatory with food items) we’ll not reimburse the shipping costs you have paid on your original order.

  • Due to health & safety regulations, and the perishability of food items, no returns are possible on food items. Food products have no right of withdrawal.
  • Gift cards are also exempt from withdrawal rights and cannot be returned.

Returns because of customer mistakes:

If your parcel gets returned to us due to a mistake you made. For example the wrong address like the wrong housenumber, zipcode, or an address that has no regular delivery option, for example off road or a building without a doorbell for each unit with clearly marked housenumbers, or you did not collect the parcel at the pick up location within 4 working days, or nobody was home all costs for the outbound and the return journey will be charged, plus a third time if you still want to have your parcel resend. Note if you ordered products with a short Best Before date (BBD) those products won’t be refunded either, neither will any damaged products.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!