Shop America Loyalty Points

Members earn more

Collect points to redeem for a discount later. You receive 10 points per euro spent.
You can also earn bonus points. Points add up quickly!

Earn Points

  • 10 points per Euro
  • 250 bonus points when you spend €75 or more
  • 125 bonus points from your second order
  • 250 bonus points from your fifth order
  • 50 bonus points for every spelling and/or grammar error you find*

Redeem Points

  • 500 points = 1 euro
    • 2500 points = 5 euro (minimum)
    • Collect more = earn more**
    • 5000 points + 500 bonus points
      = 11 euro (10% bonus)
    • 10.000 points + 1500 bonus points
      = 24 euro (20% bonus)

Use points:

You can use your points for a discount in your shopping cart when you check-out.


Shop America loyalty points never expire. 


  • Points are calculated per product, and not based on the grand total. On the product price incl. of VAT. Shipping costs are excluded.
  • When a product is on sale, it’s excluded from earning points.
  • Points can not be exchanged for cash, you can only use them for a discount in this shop.
  • If an order is (partially) refunded those points will be deducted from your balance.
  • We can not manually redeem points after you’ve completed an order. Your points will remain valid for the next order.
  • Only basepoints are valid for the Collect More = Earn More threshold. Bonus points do not count.
  • You can earn OR redeem points in one transaction. Not both.
  • You can either redeem points or use a coupon. You can’t use both in the same transaction.

*Spelling and/or Grammar mistakes

When you find a spelling and/or grammar mistake we’ll award you with points for every mistake you find. If you find a large grammar error we might award you with extra points (we’re extremely fair). If the same mistake is repeated in multiple locations you receive the award only once.

Contact Us to report errors you’ve found.

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